What Makes WEN By Chaz Unique?

WEN hair care was created by hair stylist, Chaz Dean. He has a passion and love for that perfect Hollywood look. Whether it was photography, cosmetology or hair and makeup, Chaz worked very hard and passionately to create a stunning look. This work ethic helped him become a stylist to the top celebrities and he continued his success by opening his hair care line.

Chaz Dean was dedicated to formulating a hair care product that was natural and amazing. Even though he was pressured to quickly launch his product, he didn’t waver and made sure it was perfect. Chaz built an impressive clientele list of Hollywood stars in his salon in Bel Air. The word was out and the stars were eager to use his hair care products that made their hairs shinier and healthier.

WEN hair cleansing conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that shampoos, conditions, deep conditions, detangles, and leaves in conditions your hair. This unique product cleans your hair without the lather and is sulfate-free, making it great for all types of hairs, whether it’s thick, thin, dry, straight, or wavy. Your hair is left with strength, moisture, shine, and manageability. The natural, botanical ingredients gives your hair a great smelling tropical scent.

Chaz Dean continues to work today in Hollywood at his Chaz Dean Studio. Here, he continues to offer his famous Hollywood stars the high quality hair treatments using his WEN Hair products. Due to Chaz Dean’s passion, his WEN brand has become a world wide success and people look forward to what is in store of this unique hair care line.

How Betsy DeVos Will Bring Opportunity Back to Education

I was intrigued by the election and the choices that President Trump made to add to the list of those who would work alongside him. I was particularly interested in his choosing of Betsy DeVos, mainly because as a mother, I wanted and needed to know that my daughter would get a quality education and that a higher quality curriculum would be presented to be used in schools. I had heard from tons of friends that Common Core was too difficult for their kids, and that their kids were now struggling in school as a result. Everything had changed, and unfortunately that meant the self-esteem of our children as well. While billions were given for assistance prior to this most recent election, there wasn’t much positive change in schools. I for one welcome a new approach, and I believe that Betsy DeVos will deliver that new and fresh approach to education.

I also believe that in the process Betsy DeVos will bring opportunity back to education by ensuring that all students have access to a quality education despite the community they live in. Should a child eat less because they live in a different zip code? I believe that what they learn in school should be no different. All children should be given the same opportunities regardless of where they live, and above all they should be given the chance to flourish. I believe that Betsy DeVos recognizes that and is putting a plan together to make sure that education isn’t managed any other way.

National School Choice week is one of the best things to ever happen, and during that week my hope is that parents were able to consider wisely where they would like their children to be, and what they hope to learn this year. Education should be exciting and challenging for our children, and if it is not, we cannot expect them to move forward and develop into citizens of this country that can make a viable contribution. Betsy has been an advocate for parents that wish to choose where their child may attend school. This is relevant for those who would choose a public or a private school. Charter schools and montessori are also something that parents should be able to choose as they wish.

Having donated generously to the arts and sciences, and various foundations, the DeVos family is no stranger to higher education, and how students can get the chance to learn more about the world we live and work in hands-on. I believe that Betsy DeVos is the best choice for helping us accomplish this in the near future for the sake of our children.

Visit their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org

Head-to-Head Technology Battle

There are many avenues across the country for inmates incarcerated in jails and prisons to communicate with family and loved ones. But behind the means to communicate are technologies that have shaped and molded phone calls, VOIP, video chats and email. And driving those technologies are companies who have invested time and money to bring about the ideas of advanced technology.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link (GTL) are two of the biggest communications giants that have shaped the industry today, and Securus Technologies who has invested and grown more than GTL has issued the challenge to prove they are the biggest and most advanced communication company in the country.


Securus Technologies boasts a broad array of technology platforms that allow inmates communication to reach friends and families because of how they have leveraged their reinvestment back into the company to the tune of over $700 million.


Because of the amount of time and money Securus Technologies has invested in their growth, they feel that through an independent judge they would win a head-to-head competition against GTL as the company of choice for inmate communications. With the use of an independent judge, the competition will measure the two companies in comparison to product sets, calling platforms and customer service.


Even without engaging in a head-on competition or using an independent judge, Securus Technologies feels they are superior for a very simple reason; time and time again customers are leaving companies like GTL to join Securus Technologies and enjoy the great technology they have to offer. Securus Technologies provides communications for nearly 1.2 million inmates across the country.