Securus’ New Drone Technology Advances Corrections Facilities Safety

Securus Technologies has been breaking records again with their technology and their customer service. The company headquartered in Carrollton, Texas serves over 3,500 law enforcement, public safety and corrections facilities across the country. A majority of their technology is focused on emergency response, communication, biometric analysis, information management, monitoring products, incident management and investigation services for these agencies.


The Emergence Of Drone Detection Technology

Recently the company just had major technology breakthrough in drone detection technology. The company has been focused on advancing drone detection at the correction facilities they service. The technology is designed to protect correction facilities against inmate families and friends using drone technology to send contraband, cellphones, drugs and weapons into their facilities via a drone drop off.

While the technology is up and coming, the company has made major strides in its creation. The detection devices for correction facilities uses a Digital Antennae Structure (DAS). This technology is parallel to Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution and is designed to be a frontline defense to drone detection.

The Drone Defense and Protection devices are in the trial stages. It is expected they will be making some adjustments to their technology before widespread manufacturing, sales and distribution will begin. They are currently working with prototypes for evaluation.

The current results from the trials have been very positive and have shed light on areas where these devices need to be adjusted. The trials have also showed the positive results of the technology through successful detection in several facilities. Since illegal contraband is a serious concern for correction facilities to provide safety for: the facilities, the personal and the prisoners, having proper protection is critical. While drone technology is still emerging, it is essential to be ahead of this technology with ways to battle the emerging concern. Today, drones have started to become a more pervasive threat to all correction facilities in the country.


Securus Technologies Wins International Business Awards

In February, Securus Technologies was acknowledged for its excellence in Business sales and Customer Service. The company won the 2018 Gold Stevie Award for customer service. This is the third such award they have won for their excellence in their business practices. The event was held in Las Vegas and the company was honored among over 600 top corporate American executives and executives from other nations in attendance.


The Stevie Awards known as a series of International Business Awards, are considered one of the most prestigious awards for major companies. Stevie Awards receive nominations from over 60 nations with over 10,000 entries annually. Companies that are recognized have risen above the normal standards for business practice and are thus recognized by their peers for excellence. The Stevie Awards preside over seven of the world’s top business award programs including: The International Business Awards and The American Business Awards.


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