Boraie Inspired Rebirth of New Brunswick New Jersey

Boraie Development was founded by Omar Boraie. He is now 73 years old and is still the President of his company. He began his company with the dream of rebuilding New Brunswick NJ. Omar understood that people needed to live in areas where they could easily commute to work and walk to stores. When Omar began his vision of rebuilding the New Brunswick New Jersey area he said it was not a safe area. People could not walk around on the streets after 4pm. He wanted to rebuild the area into a safe neighborhood where families and professionals could once again thrive. His first project was as block that had twenty one worn down and dilapidated buildings. He decided to buy one after the other and rejuvenate New Brunswick. Central Jersey Working Moms recently published a blog referencing the total rebuild and rebirth of New Brunswick by Boraie.


According to NJ Biz, Omar Boraie credits large companies such as Johnson and Johnson for staying in the New Brunswick area. He feels as though these large companies that offered employment were intricate in his rebuild of the neighborhood. Omar wanted to create New York style living in New Brunswick but for that to be successful there would need to be nearby employment opportunities for residents. The rebirth of the city has brought many professionals such as doctors, students, police, firefighters, administrative and nurses have all returned to the New Brunswick neighborhood. Check out to know more.



Since Boraie Development LLC was founded the company has taken on many prestigious rebuilds. They have been able to expand beyond property development. Boraie now consists of real estate development, sales and marketing and property management. The property management aspect of Boraie Development LLC helps maintain buildings. They provide everything from assessment billing, rent collection, repairs and maintenance and showing available units for rent or sale. Boraie works with strong financial institutions, contractors and architects that thoroughly understand their vision on the projects they are about to build.

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