Diversify Your Marketing Outlets, Says Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, a California-based marketing firm. The company maintains its headquarters in Carlsbad. They serve their clients in the dental insurance and health insurance industries. Krishen has the experience and is an expert, and he provides his in-depth consulting services and lead generation services. He advises his clients to identify what outlets are the most effective, and to plan their strategy accordingly for their particular products or services.


Krishen Iyer serves clients across the globe and also nearby his Carlsbad, California office. When clients take on the services of Managed Benefits Services for help with their professional digital advertising, Krishen Iyer frequently suggests that they consider digital marketing to be used along with analog advertising. He explains how, before the days of the world wide web, many businesses turned towards television and radio advertising. He goes on to explain that digital mode is the wave of the future, however analog marketing still will continue to play a role.


Companies rely on several sources to reach their customers. The memorable commercial or jingle on TV and on the radio continues to have its place. Some companies advertise with promotional products and offer freebies, but social media has played a big part in the change. Krishen Iyer believes that it is important for his clients to rely on more than one outlet to generate leads for their business.


Any consumer with a mobile device or a laptop can search for services, recipes, directions, and just about any question they need answered. The potential challenge of digital marketing is the capabilities of an iPhone or a tablet. The consumer has to keep up with the manufacturers who are constantly upgrading to new devices. Kreshen Iyer advises that it’s crucial for advertisers to stay ahead of this challenge.

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