OSI Food Solutions; a World-Class Firm Determined to Dominate the Food Industry

It is evident that OSI Food Solutions is on top of the meat and food service industry considering the massive moves the company is making in the global scene. As part of the firm’s strategy to grow and broaden its presence across the world is the acquisition and purchase of existing food service companies. For this reason, OSI acquired a majority stake in a Dutch company that processes food products like meat, known as Baho Foods. With five subsidiaries under its name, Baho Foods has been able to build a reputation in the German and Dutch foodservice industry.

David McDonald, the Chief Executive Officer and President of OSI, was pleased by the move. He stated that Baho Foods’ products and brand at large are similar in one way or another to OSI’s and this, therefore, means it will complement OSI’s current processing strength. He went ahead to add that the acquisition of Baho Foods will go a long way in helping OSI increase its capability to serve best the evolving needs of its customers.

In Spain the story is somehow similar; OSI Food Solutions is broadening its presence as each day passes. Recently the firm’s Spanish branch added a high capacity production line to its existing production system. With this new line, OSI Food Solutions Spain will be able to double its chicken production capacity to 24000 tons up from 12000 tons a year. Altogether, the firm will now be able to produce over 45000 tons of pork, beef, and chicken products every single year. The benefits are not only on the company’s side but also on residents of Spain. With this particular system, there will be job vacancies available for qualified people. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Food Solutions is a multinational meat processing company that has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States of America. The company has evolved from a family meat market in Oak Park, Chicago it once was, to a mega-company that services its clients spread across the globe. The company provides meat patties, bacon, pork, poultry, pizza, and other meat products to numerous food service industries. Some of the companies serviced by OSI are fast food chains namely; McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks.


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