Commitment Is An Important Ingredient In All Sunday Riley Skin Care Products

Sunday Riley and her Houston based cosmetic company hit the beauty and skin care scene in 2009 by releasing her line of skin care products which were snatched up by Barneys New York. Even though her products were being sold in New York, Chicago and Beverly Hills, Riley relied on social media as their number one method of advertising. Not only did the company rely on the well-known social media influencers, they also focused on those with smaller followings knowing their impact was just as important.

Riley’s skin care line is definitely not your mother’s skin care regimen, from the minimalist packaging and design to the price. Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil retails for $105 for a one-ounce bottle. Users of Sunday Riley’s products state, “you pay for what you get” and what you get are products that have been tested, reformulated and retested again by Riley herself. Working as the company’s cosmetic chemist and product formulator, Riley can cut costs in R&D by doing the work herself. Loyal users of skin care products will tell you just the thought of the ingredient Retinol can make your face burn. Mix in some of Riley’s anti-inflammatory blue tansy oil into the mix and users will line up to buy all day or night.

If she can’t stand behind a product 100%, then it gets cut and she moves on to develop a product that will perform. In 2011, Sunday Riley released a make-up line including mascara and pressed powders. The cosmetic line never gained the traction the company had hoped for, so Riley pulled the products before they had a negative financial impact on the company. Riley (@sundayriley) doesn’t see this as a setback, rather as an opportunity to focus on other quality products. Will Sunday Riley ever bring back the cosmetics? The company hasn’t closed the door on that possibility just yet. In the meantime, Sunday continues to work on improving formulas to her products that her consumers love and that she can be proud of.

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