Rocketship Education Is A successful Charter School Program

Rocketship Education is a successful Charter School operation that has grown throughout the country. The idea was conceived by Preston Smith and John Danner. The original school opened its doors in San Jose, California and became the prototype for the rest of the other institutions that would follow behind it. The Rocketship Education school concept rivals the public school education system in the San Jose area. The operation received praise for its methods in dealing with less fortunate students. The business model gained a great deal of attention from education professionals. Talks of expending the concept began immediately after the original institution was developed.

The Rocketship Education format grew out of California and made its way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee. Washington, DC became a part of the Rocketship Education program in 2016. The schools have received support from several different sources including professional athletes and politicians. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings put two million dollars up in support of the charter school concept in the Bay Area. Barack Obama and his administration also pledged two million dollars to Rocketship Education in an attempt to set an example for other political organizations to follow.

Rocketship Education has an interesting approach that is customized for the student. It has worked with a number of different educational programs such as Team America. Team America uses college graduates and places them in educational jobs. Rocketship Education is directed toward low-income families, which helps society bridge the gap between those who have been born in more fortunate situations. It is estimated that well over 80% of the students in Rocketship charter schools are from low-income situations.

Rocketship Education focuses on classroom tutoring with adaptive technology. The program is in place to educate teachers as well as students. It also helps parents become more involved with the children during this process