Todd Lubar Talks About The Real Estate Markets Of Baltimore and Potomac

Having been in the real estate industry for more than two decades Todd Lubar has quite a bit of insight into where Baltimore’s housing is heading. He says that there are increasingly big real estate opportunities in that city that are missed by most people given the news coverage of the last several years. He says that the trends in Baltimore point to more young people choosing to live in Baltimore and more businesses opening in this city.

Younger professionals are attracted to Baltimore for a number of reasons with the biggest one being a low cost of living compared to other communities around Washington D.C. Real estate developers have been converting older buildings to apartment and condo buildings in order to meet the demand for housing. These millennials want to get their start in Baltimore by getting their careers started there and buying their first home. Businesses have been opening as more people move into Baltimore, particularly restaurants and small businesses offering the types of products and services millennials are attracted to.

Potomac, Maryland, is another community where Todd Lubar has been following the real estate market. The economy has been strong there for the past few years which has increased the number of people moving to Potomac. This has lead to an increase in housing prices which homeowners are pretty happy about. He says that Camp John Village in particular has been a driver of growth. Many retail stores and restaurants have opened at Camp John Village as well as new office spaces. The owner of Camp John Village, EDENS, has said that they plan on adding around 60,000 sq ft of office space in the next few years along with around 225,000 sq ft which will be used by retail stores.

There are local, regional, and national businesses looking to open up shop at Camp John Village he says. Among the restaurant chains looking to open there are Sisters Thai, Shake Shack, and Le Pain Quotidien. Camp John Village has been a gathering place for Potomac locals for years and tourists are also drawn to this area. Camp John Village was first established 50 years ago and the recent updates have energized the local community.

Todd Lubar started out in the real estate industry in the finance and credit space. He worked for a number of companies before establishing his own company. He is now the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and at Legendary Investments he is the senior vice president. He says his goal is to reduce the barriers that people face when trying to get real estate loans and the number one thing he offers is RELIEF.