Lung Institute Successful Using Stem Cells For Treatment And Healing

Stem cell treatment holds much promise and has been successful at treating a variety of diseases including arthritis, leukemia, and many forms of cancer. The treatment process takes an individual’s own cells to allow the body to heal by replacing bad or damaged tissue with newly created cells. Just as people with damaged heart tissue are healed in this manner, The Lung institute uses stem cells to attack many lung diseases. Since 2013, the Lung Institute has improved the quality of life for over 3000 individuals with diseases such as emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and COPD thus allowing them to breathe easier.

According to the BCM, the process of treatment involves taking a sample of cells from the patient’s blood or bone marrow, removing the stem cells and treating them to be reintroduced into the body. Once returned to the body, stem cells form new tissue to replace damaged or diseased tissue. These new tissues alleviate suffering and improve function preventing the progression of chronic lung disease. The Lung Institute’s Senior Medical Director., Jack Coleman, Jr., M. D., is a foremost authority in the field of stem cell research and was a presenter at the International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy where he discussed stem cell applications and their potential for the future. The promises of stem cell research include using the stem cells found in the heart to repair damaged tissue and a limitless supply of clean blood for transfusion during surgery or for treating serious injuries. The Lung Institute’s website ( also discusses headway it’s making in treatments.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a lung or pulmonary condition, the Lung Institute offers hope for maintaining a better quality of life and a permanent treatment. Visit the Lung Institute website ( and read their blog ( to learn more about them, the diseases they treat and treatment options. The Lung Institute currently have five different locations (Dallas, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Scottsdale, Arizona and Nashville, Tennessee) and it is well worth the travel when successful treatment is the goal. You can also consult with a specialist to find out more. See if the Lung Institute can help you or your loved one breathe easier.

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