The Traveling Vineyard: An Interesting Study on Earning Income By Loving Fine Wine

The rise of less traditional careers has been an amazing phenomena is our country over the past decade. More and more doors are opening as people everywhere see others following their passions and are inspired to do that same. One company that is particularly interesting to me, as a lover of fine wines, is The Traveling Vineyard. This fantastic company has been around since 2001 and came to fruition to unite wine enthusiasts everywhere and to give access to some of the finest wines available. The company is made up of independent Wine Guides who host parties on their own schedule. Wine Guides set up and guide the actual wine tasting and then at the end of the evening take orders from guests who want to purchase bottles for themselves. Guests have access to the same prices that The Traveling Vineyard received and guests are encourage to then host their own events if they wish.

Working as a Wine Guide can be an incredibly rewarding career. Wine Guides work from home and set their own hours. They can work on as many tastings as they like and will develop a large network of people through their hosting events.

When new Wine Guides join, The Traveling Vineyard provides all of the tools they need to succeed. They receive an entire tasting kit to host their events, including tasting glasses a carrying case and even enough wine for the first two parties. They also connect new Wine Guides with a dedicated local mentor to guide them through the ramp up process. They also gain access to “The Tasting Room,” an online wheelhouse of resources to gain success as a Wine Guide.

The Traveling Vineyard’s professional Wine Guides recently compiled a list of recommendations if you would like to host a wine tasting without the help of a Wine Guide. First, Wine Guides recommend considering your wine theme carefully and selecting four to five wines for the tasting. Guests should taste from lightest to darkest and serving unflavored water crackers in between wines can be a great way to clear the palate. Also, give plenty of time in between tastings for the wine to fully develop.

Wine Guides also recommend a white or neutral tablecloth to help the colors of the wine pop and to not overwhelm the senses with bold smells or tastes of heavy foods. These expert tips from The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides can help ensure your tasting is a success. If you would like a Wine Guide to guide the entire event for you, you can reach out to your local wine guide or learn more about becomming one yourself!